Dugg Human-Hand Puppet

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Dugg is an adult-size, human-hand, two-man, puppet. This style of puppet is best operated with two puppeteers but can also be operated with just one puppeteer if only one hand is needed. Elastic in the top and bottom mouth plate provide for excellent finger and thumb support. Dugg is made of beige, knit terry fabric over a foam head.  He has custom baby blue lidded, half-dome eyes and black felt eyebrows, custom nose, and black yarn boa hair. He comes with non-removable black-rimed glasses, white collared human hand shirt, navy houndstooth vest, a blue plaid clip-on tie, and a pair of four finger gloves that store in the top of his head.

Human-Hand, Two-Man, Stage Puppet
Adult Size
Knit Terry Over Foam Construction
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