Tour Schedule

We're Back!
We are currently scheduling limited bookings!
We will be working closely with you on adhering to your Covid protocols
as well as allowing a two-week time period between performances if necessary.
His Hands Puppets 2021 Touring Schedule
Thursday, May 6 - 11:30am ----- Derby Senior Center, Derby, Ks --------"A bit of Nunsense" 
Friday, May 7, Noon - Pratt Retired Teachers, Public Library, Pratt, KS  --"A bit of Nunsense"
Monday, June 7, 10:00am ---Wheatlands Care Center, Kingman, KS ------"A bit of Nunsense" 
Monday, July 12, 1:00 pm -----Haviland Care Center, Haviland, KS ------------"A bit of Nunsense"
Monday, July 26, 1:30pm ---Prairie Sunset Home, Pretty Prairie, KS ----------"A bit of Nunsense"
His Hands Puppets currently offers four programs for the 2021 touring season. 
Our "USO - A Tour of Duty" is newlyupdated with Vietnam era segments.
Our newest show "Four Stories of Christmas" had a successful debut in 2019
and is currently taking limited bookings for November - December 2021.
And of course, you can still book our good old standbys
made especially for women's groups, "A bit 'o Nunsense" and "Joyous Gifts".
It's Never Too Early To Schedule
A His Hands Puppets Performance
Call or text: 620.388.1777