All About Us

His Hands Puppets was established in 1997. It all began with my daughter's puppet ministry team trip to a One Way Street festival in Colorado. I wasn't the leader. I wasn't even the co-leader. I was a driver. The team performed a blacklight puppetry presentation and was easily blown out of the water. They were just a small, central Kansas team with a limited budget. They had just spent two year's worth of hard-earned fundraiser and donation funds just to travel to the festival. The gold medal and People's Choice Award teams had spent that much or more on just their puppets. Those teams were very friendly (they let me inspect their puppets) and very helpful (supplied me with contacts for puppetry resources.)  Since I was a seamstress I knew there had to be a way to make puppets more affordable for the budget-minded ministry team. It wasn't long after returning home that I asked the puppet team leader if she had a pattern to make a puppet. She did! You can read about that experience here.

While the mission of His Hands Puppets is to promote the art of Christian puppet ministry and to share the message of God's love through creative puppetry, I also made it my goal to provide a more affordable resource for quality puppets for the budget-minded ministry team. While His Hands Puppets may not be made of professional grade nylon fleece and reticulated foam and fancy mechanisms inside for your fingers, they are  durable and skillfully crafted and come with a limited one-year guarantee. I still have and use the very first puppet I made in 1997 and with just a couple of elastic replacements, he is still just as functional as he was twenty-five years ago. His Hands puppets are made so well some have been in service for decades and are still able to get up and go to work in the morning!

His Hands Puppets are not mass produced and there is no cottage industry here. It's just me. Although sometimes I refer to myself in the plural as "we" in correspondence, I'm just clarifying here that it is just me! Just me, making puppets from a variety of durable fabrics and materials which I believe contribute to the development of their characters. Each puppet is a unique creation, individually handmade and skillfully crafted. There is usually only one of each puppet in stock and orders are filled on a first come first serve basis so if you see something you like it's best not to hesitate. I love the challenge of making duplicates of "Sold Out" characters and because of the availability and variety of materials I use I can't always make an exact duplicate. I can come very, very close.

Twenty-five years traveling down this road has been an enjoyable journey.

It will only be more enjoyable with you as my customer!