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NEW! Kimmel Dog Puppet!  This dog puppet measures 20" from the top of his head to the bottom hand opening. He's a mutt ... just an adorable mutt! He has light brown, short-pile fur, pom-pom nose, felt lidded, post/washer eyes and a red tongue. He is fully lined AND his medium-length ears are POSEABLE!!  His front paws are 12 inches in length and are tri-pad detailed. He is somewhat of a short muzzled dog with a 3 1/2" muzzle depth. He comes with a blue dog collar. This is the number two dog in the His Hands Puppets pound and he just missed meeting his buddy Galaxy who has been adopted into a loving puppet family. Kimmel is looking forward to his own new puppet family!

Animal Dog Puppet
Half-body Stage Puppet
Faux Fur Over Foam Construction
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