Legs for mini-size puppet

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These detachable legs can make a mini-size half-body stage puppet into a full-body puppet or ventriloquist figure. They attach to the front lower body skin of a mini-size half-body stage puppet with velcro. If purchased with a puppet the puppet will come with the velcro already sewn in place. If purchased without a puppet the legs will come with the velcro already sewn onto the leg and the matching piece of velcro included and ready for you to attach to your puppetThese legs are 11 inches long and made of tan (Hispanic) fleece. There are no toes on these legs, but really if you're going to put shoes on you just don't need toes. Shoes are not sold on this website. Check your local thrift stores for children's shoes. This skin tone matches regular, mid-size puppets, Walker (17-086), Avis (17-093), and Yosef (17-098). However, remember,  these are MINI-SIZE legs that fit MINI-Size puppets.

Detachable Puppet Legs
Fleece Over Fiberfill Construction
Fits Mini-size Puppets From His Hands Puppets

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