Cray-Cray Fish Puppet

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Cray-Cray the fish puppet rounds out this line of fish performance puppets from His Hands Puppets, at least for now! This is a performance/stage puppet and is NOT intended for unsupervised play by children under 5 years of age. This fish puppet has a pink fleece upper body and a white fleece under body. She has custom post/washer, brown-lidded, half-dome eyes. This fish puppet is 16” long from mouth to tail tip and has a 17 ½” girth in front of the top fin. Funny story about Cray-Cray. I intended to name her Neo because of her neopolitan ice cream color fleece stripes thinking she would be a sweet, mild-mannered fish. But, as I put her on for the first time after she was completed, she spontaneously took on her own totally different personality.  What can I say! This happens sometimes with newly created puppet characters. This fish is crazy, cute... but crazy! So instead of Neo, the first word that came to mind was crayfish. Cray-Cray the crazy fish. She has a glued-on red felt mouth lining over a hinged PVC mouth piece with a bumper hold in the upper mouth plate for the fingers and elastic in the bottom plate for the thumb. Pattern credit to Adam Kruetinger @

Fish Stage/Performance Puppet
Fleece Over Foam Construction
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