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Meet one of the newest additions to the His Hands Puppet line of puppets. Cassius is a large, human-hand, two-man, monster puppet. This style of puppet is best operated with two puppeteers but can also be operated with just one puppeteer if only one hand is needed. This monster's head is 9" tall and has a 19" head circumference measured at the mouth opening. This monster puppet measures 27" from the top of the head to the hand opening in the bottom. His hand span is 32" from pinky finger to pinky finger. Wide elastic straps and foam pockets in the top and bottom mouth plate provide for excellent finger and thumb support. Cassius is made of light blue plush, short-pile faux fur over a foam head. He has a large, purple fleece covered nose, custom large, half-dome, purple lidded, sew-on eyes. Amidst his two-tone blue, ostrich feather boa hair sit two six inch long black faux leather horns and two large, purple velvet ears. He also has a faux leather tongue.  He is ready to bring some fun to your next puppet performance!

Large Monster Puppet
Half-Body Stage Puppet
Faux Fur Over Foam Construction
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