Product no.: 19-151

Wriggley is a male, adult size, moving mouth, rod arm puppet.

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Product no.: 84-10

This 5-piece Bible times costume is perfect for your Christian puppet programming.

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Product no.: 100-11

Perfect for that motorcycle ministry or that tough guy role in your next production.
This set includes jacket with attached orange tee-shirt, orange bandana, jeans and black shoes.
Puppet shown not included.
This costume fits all mid-size puppets.

Only one in stock.
Contact His Hands Puppets for special order availability.
To order detachable legs for your puppet call 620-388-1777 or e-mail

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Product no.: 15-039

Perfect for that western song or skit! This Mid-size Western Cowboy Costume set includes a blue plaid shirt, bandana print tie and brown foam cowboy hat.  Bandana print tie is a narrow tie not a kerchief.  Foam hat will need to be secured with T-pins to the head of the puppet.

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Product no.: 86-10

Puppet rod arms are used to manipulate the arms of the puppet and are attached with elastic bands around the puppet's wrist.

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