Lip Synch Challenge


Lip Synch Challenge

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Are you up for trying something NEW at GPS? Lip Synch Challenge is an opportunity for you to try your skill at lip synching a new song.  Bring your own rod-arm puppet or use one of ours. You will compete behind a curtained stage in groups of three puppeteers, with one puppeteer from each group continuing to the final round. A group of four puppet directors will judge the event. Audience participation in the judging will also be a factor. You will be judged on four criteria. 

1. Lip synch precision

2. Rod arm movement

3. Stage presence (height, position, entrances and exits)

4. Believability (realistic movement)

Lip Synch Challenge will begin at approximately 2:15 and end before the public closing performances. Prizes will be awarded to the Lip Synch Champion as well as all puppeteers in the final round. Lip Synch Challenge is limited to 9 participants. There is no cost. Pre-registration is required.