Jade the Snake

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This snake is prototype #2 for the Snake Puppet Workshop for GPS 2016 "It's A Jungle Out There!" Thought I cut this one a little longer, but he turned out a little shorter actually. He's barely 38 inches long and the widest part of his body is 15" circumference and the widest measurement of his head is 19" circumference. That does not include what I'm calling his crown which sticks up an additional 2-1/2 inches above his head.  He's more caterpillar size than worm or snake! He does have a foam based head but again no foam enhanced mouth. He does not have elastic straps on the inside of his mouth. But they are really not needed as the foam inside the head provides support for the hand. He is lime green with a beige underbelly and mouth. He has fangs, tongue, and a lime green crown. Large post/washer eyes are attached to the crown. He is fully functional with a moveable mouth and flexible body.

Snake Puppet
Fleece over foam and polyester fiberfill stuffing
38" Long
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