Prop Stick

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Add this professional touch to your puppet performances.
No more paint stick or wood lathe prop sticks to hold your signs.
These are made of sturdy wood quarter round wrapped in black tape.
One end has black Velcro to attach your signs, props, etc.
and the other end has a removable hand grip. Why removable??
So you can attach another piece of Velcro to that end and make it a double ended prop stick.
It's also possible to attach several pieces of Velcro along this stick
so you can hold up multiple signs and props on the same stick.
Always remember to attach the hard side of the Velcro to the stick
and the soft side of the Velcro to the prop or sign.
These come in sizes ranging from 22 to 31 inches long.
If you order more than one you'll receive a good mix of short and long.
If you just order one it will be our choice unless you specify the length in an e-mail to us.

Prop Stick
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